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The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) can be considered as one of the toughest examinations conducted in India, which it has to be as it is the gateway to the IITs- India’s prestigious institutes of learning. It has thus inevitably led to keen competition.






Counselling Desk

This page is managed and run by Radiance students, for present and future JEE (Main and Advance) aspirants (Both Radiance and non-Radiance students). You can make confessions either anonymously or with your name.

If you are a future JEE aspirant or Radiance's Present Student: You can easily get connected to various past successful students and know about their college, their present stature, achievements and you can have their feedbacks for selection of college and branch. Apart from these productive things you can even have some sort of fun by reading confessions and various notes by present and past students and can involve yourself by comments or likes :P
If you are a past Radiance Student: You can guide the present aspirants and motivate them by your firsthand experience, you can also track where your buddies are at present and what they are doing :)
If you are not a Radiance Student: Please dont make any confessions whereas you can post any query related to selection of college/ branch.
Instructions for Confessions/ queries
Each confession/ query will be reviewed before post, so please use a decent language. Avoid personal attacks on person/ organization. The posts will be either accepted or rejected, it will be never edited.